DogTV Launches Season 2 of Adoption Show

DOGTV recently announced the launch of The DOGTV Adoption Show – Season 2 on various media outlets, including Facebook Watch.

By partnering with over 100 animal shelters throughout the United States, the Adoption Show promotes pet adoption and showcases adoptable dogs in various locations around the country. Each week the show brings individual stories of dogs that are up for adoption in order to encourage viewers to adopt them.

The ultimate goal of this project is to raise awareness of the staggering number of pets in shelters waiting for adoption, and get many dogs adopted.  Together, with prominent pet brands including Victoria Stilwell Positively, DOGTV will award adoption kits, valued over $600 each, to anyone that adopts a dog through the show.

“We are very excited to be an advocate for shelter animals.  Each dog has a unique story and our ability to share them with potential adoptive pet parents is a great way to connect the two” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV. “We look forward to placing many of these dogs in their forever homes” says Neumann.

Check out the Adoption Show and all of DogTV’s programming at

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Building a Better Pooper Scooper

Engineering students, doggie day care owner team up to build the better pooper scooper

Daniel Spangler’s A Dog’s Dream, doggie day care and boarding business, found itself in some deep … trouble last year.

An inspector cited the New Bern, N.C., entrepreneur and dog lover for having a rusty pooper scooper, a violation under state Department of Agriculture guidelines. It frustrated Spangler, who spent countless hours maintaining the metal scoopers and hundreds of dollars replacing them year after year.

He started thinking about everything else that bugged him about available dog waste removers. The way the springy tines on the rake bounced stray bits back onto his shoes. The way any blast of water hard enough to clean the equipment also soaked everything around it. The way his wrist hurt after picking up and dumping easily 30-50 pounds of poop every day.


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Snowed in: Wolves stay put when it's snowing

Wolves travel shorter distances and move slower during snowfall events, based on new study. The effects were most pronounced during the night, when wolves hunt, and behavior returned to normal over a day.

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Better understanding of dog body language could make interactions safer

A better comprehension of the way dogs communicate distress may be the initial step in lowering the risk of dog bites for both kids and adults, a new study has found.

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The Importance of Remembering That You Are Only Human

Why can we expect to feel much different when bringing our dog up? Why do we put the bar so high for us?
I have lost count of the amount of times that a client has said to me,”I thought I had been doing the right thing, but I’ve been informed by a friend I have done all wrong and have left my dog worse”, or”I have tried to help my puppy, however I think I’ve failed them”. I also have lost count of the days that puppy training friends have stated”I’ve failed my pet, I should have seen that coming and prevented it.”
In hindsight we may have picked to do something differently. We could have averted that puppy farmer, we could have avoided that coach who had water sprayswe could have averted that kid who pulled out our dogs ears. We are only human! We make decisions based on our degree of information at that time and the information we are given.

If you realize that your pet is struggling with something, or you have a training issue, and you investigate how to make things better, then you’re a fantastic dog guardian.
Dogs also change. They move out of cute feral puppy, to property sharkto flaming teenager and so on. People that are parents may recall the challenges you faced at each stage, and the number of times you might have run out of the door and fled the country merely to avoid dealing with the hormonal grotbag who had been stomping around your house.

Through my work as a coach and behavior advisor I work with plenty of dogs. In addition, I work with a lot of humans, more individuals than dogs, since most dogs have several humans in their lives. I’ve spent some time sharpening my people skills and believe I do a good job of earning people feel understood, motivated and in ease. However, that may be tough to do at times as people are human, and people seem to like beating themselves up.
Stop beating yourself up, reevaluate the wonderful things that you do, rather than be afraid of asking for help. I am able to ensure that the dog coach that you call, will at some point have felt just like you.

  • People cannot see into the future.
  • People don’t have x-ray vision
  • People can’t see through walls
  • Humans cannot stop different humans from doing ridiculous things each of the period
  • Humans make errors
  • Humans have feelings
  • People are not robots.

Photo Courtesy Patrick Danforth Photography

Stop it right now, take a deep breath and bear in mind that you are merely human.
Should you call a dog trainer or behaviourist then you’re a good dog guardian.

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How to Keep Your Dog Calm When the Doorbell Rings

Are You Currently Suburban Woman, loving but exasperated owner of Fido and Fifi? Does your house seem like the 5th in Santa Anita every time the doorbell rings? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog really moved out from the door once the doorbell rang rather than crowd you for a place to greet, or”consume”, the folks on the opposing side? Wouldn’t you like to have a dog that sits, lies down, or perhaps runs to a different room once the doorbell rings-instead of all the embarrassing things your puppy now does?

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The Best Food-Dispensing Toys 2019

We still love the fundamental Kong toy, as well as the selection of other toys made by Kong. But we must acknowledge, we also love many of Kong’s opponents from the food-stuffable toy category. In fact, there are so many it is hard to have favorites anymore! However, at a minimum, we think you need to be conscious of the number of options are available for you and your dog now, and that means that you are able to decide on the ones which are best suited to your dog’s needs and needs.

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Which behavioral issue would you most like to address before the holidays arrive?


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For gait transitions, stability often trumps energy savings

Working with 2 animal models, researchers locate a preference for stability more than energy conservation during speed-related gait transitions.

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Overweight dogs may live shorter lives

New research reveals obese dogs are more inclined to get shorter lives than those at ideal body weights.

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