Change a Dog’s Life…and Yours Too!?

After the consultation, she thought profoundly about our conversation. She thought it would be intriguing to find out what skills her new rescue dog owned. Could he have a particular gift of healing and calming? Could he be meant for much more than simply being her pet? Could he have a unique gift that she should nurture? So, she figured what the heck. Let’s give it a try. She enrolled him into a classes and certificate programs.
A client of mine rescued a dog in a local county shelter. The puppy was cute and scruffy tan terrier mix. Sort of similar to the famed movie star dog Benji. My client had gone to the county shelter hoping to find the ideal pet company for her and her family. She didn’t have any particular breed in mind and has been hoping to feel a relationship with a few of the dogs. The dog hadn’t come from some distinct pure-bred pedigree. He was potty trained, friendly, and a little mischievous and always curious about exploring everything and everybody around him. As in many cases with dogs who are adopted from an animal refuge, very little else was known about his or her background. Depending on the connection she had with the puppy, she determined it would be well worth a chance bring him home and see if he fits in with the family.
He excelled in each course and passed each test with flying colors. He’s now licensed and has logged countless hours of service work. He is in high demand and has become a local star.

Both of these see nursing homes, hospitals, children’s reading programs and numerous other amenities where he could offer healing, pleasure and love to everyone around him. Nearly every day they hop in the family vehicle and mind to some other destination. They both enjoy the volunteer job and earn great pleasure and purpose in supporting others. Not only has the scruffy rescue dog’s life changed but, his human companion’s lifestyle has shifted also. We all have a goal, even our furry companions.
She also educated a short appointment with me to discuss her newest family and get my opinion. As we listened to her new furry companion, I could tell they were hitting it off nicely. It had been obvious to me that the dog was gentle, warm and loved people. He’d hear her every phrase and stayed close by her side. I might feel this puppy had a very relaxing existence about him made you feel good just to be around him. I said to my client that her new furry friend had a really calming and healing nature about him. I suggested to her that he would be a great therapy dog for the elderly and for kids. She had been thrilled, but stunned to hear this. She believed that she simply had a sweet puppy which seemed to enjoy her. She had no indication he was intended for a higher purpose of assisting others.

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