11 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

Celebrate National Dog Day with these incredible dog facts.
Dog - Corgi Photo by anya potsiadlo on Unsplash

We never get tired of learning new facts about dogs so check out these 11 incredible dog facts that you might not know. Plus we’ve pulled together four facts about the people (like you!) who care for them.

1. Sniff Rate. A dog breathes in and out around 15 times per minute when sitting calmly. That frequency goes up to 31 times per minute while walking. But when a dog is actively sniffing, the inhalation/exhalation rate goes up to 140 to 200 times per minute.  

2. Communication. Dogs do communicate to each other when they vocalize, bark or growl. A more common means of communication between dogs is body language—an upright or tucked tail, forward ears or tense body can speak volumes.


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