Why Does My Dog Bark at the Mail Carrier?


Dear Bark: My dog Kiwi includes a personal vendetta against our mail carrier, which has spread to incorporate all email carriers. She fees and barks every time she sees one, even when he’s not in his truck. In a crowded room, she’ll spot a mail company, attempt to go his manner along with bark like a lunatic. She does not have difficulty with any other men, people in uniforms or hats! She reacts to the vehicle, also, but not to the FedEx or UPS truck. What’s her problem, and how do we stop the insanity?

If it’s any consolation, your dog is in good company for this response. It’s so typical that the image of a dog barking and charging a mailbox (who is very concerned about protecting the seat of his pants) is a comic trope. But there is nothing humorous about it if you are the mail provider — or if it is your pet!
— Deb & Kiwi
My dog has a vendetta from our mailman.