A Beautiful Dog Memorial

Last weekend, I flew down to San Diego, California, to spend
a couple of days with my sister-in-law and niece (who had also flown to San
Diego from northern California), to watch my son compete in the national finals
for his sport. We watched some games, cheered and took pictures, and then went
to the beach closest to the sports park where the games were held, so we could
watch the sunset.

As luck would have it, the closest beach turned out to be a
famous and locally loved “dog beach” – and we enjoyed the sunset there,
watching a couple dozen dogs romp in the waves and dig in the sand.

I went back the next morning, before my son’s competition
had started, to take some more pictures with my camera, not just a cell phone.
On this visit, I spent a little more time checking out the area, and discovered
something that we had walked right past on the previous evening. Right near the
street, next to the dog-water fountain, is a precious little “memorial rock
garden,” with the names of dogs who have enjoyed the beach and have since
passed away, painted onto the rocks.

I was so touched by this little garden! It was colorful and
simple, not in anyone’s way or ostentatious, but a beautiful place to remember
some of the beloved dogs who had lived near and enjoyed that particular beach
in the past. I can so easily imagine walking my dogs to the beach for a play
session, and calling out a cheery “Good morning!” to the stone bearing my
deceased dog’s name. It would comfort me to see the stone and my dog’s name
(and perhaps, some of his playmates!) every time I visited, to remind me of
joyous visits to that beach in the past.

Dog Beach Memorial Rock Garden in Del Mar, CA

Is there a pet memorial at a dog park or beach near you? I
would love to see this catch on and appear elsewhere!

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