Advice on Adopting a Adult Rescue Dog

Can I find a reliable family dog at the shelter?
Adoptable dog Coqueta (Oakland Animal Shelter
Adoptable dog Flash (Rocket Dog Rescue
Adoptable dog Sassy (Muddy Paws Rescue
Adoptable dog Alexandra Cabot (

Dear Bark: We really want to adopt a young-adult shelter dog but are concerned about socialization issues. Without information about a dog’s early life, how do we know if the one we choose can be trained to be a good, reliable family dog? We hear that the first eight weeks of a dog’s life is so important, but not knowing that, could it be too late?

—Ready to Adopt

Cheers for shelter adoptions and three cheers for adopting an adult dog from a shelter! Millions of people have adopted their best friend from a shelter as an adult (dog), and there’s every reason to believe that you can find you can, too.

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