Furever We Love Dog Rescue

How my wife and I started a rescue devoted to rehoming dogs who’ve lost their families to debility or death.

My wife and I are what people commonly refer to as “crazy dog people.” But I guess it kinda goes with the territory. After all, we have six, no, wait … one, two, yeah, six of our own. So it’s only natural that a dog-loving couple who both are either extremely big-hearted or just downright nuts would take their passion for canines to the next level. Surely you can see this coming from a mile away, right? Yep, we started our own dog rescue.

Furever We Love Dog Rescue is now in its first year of operation. Our mission is to find new and loving homes for pups whose owners have moved into assisted living, are seriously ill, are in hospice care or who have passed away.

This is not an easy thing. When we began the rescue, we obviously hoped that every single move we made and every single dog we res- cued, from whatever unfortunate situation they found themselves in, would work out perfectly.

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