Smiling Dog: Juno

Smiling Dog - Cattle Dog

Dog’s name and age: Juno, 2 years

Adoption Story: I fostered her mother who was a shelter dog who had nine beautiful puppies and I decided to keep one of the pups and chose Juno. She turned out to be such a sweet natured dog who gets along with everyone. Juno has been very instrumental in working with other shelter dogs. She helps by testing the the temperament of the other dogs at the shelter and we also take shelter dogs out for the day as part of a program called Doggy Day Out.

Juno’s balance, confidence, and spirit almost always have a very positive effect on the shelter dogs. She been the perfect role model for the shelter dogs I introduce to her. I also foster and Juno had been great bonding with foster dogs and modeling positive canine behavior. She’s been great at assisting other shelter dogs as part of their own adoption process.


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