What Traits Draw You To Dogs?

There are often patterns in the dogs we choose

Picture a lean, healthy dog that reminds you of a Golden Retriever but has a black coat. It is full of vigor and bounciness with very shiny fur. Add one or more random white splotches on the chest, feet or tip of the tail. Imagine that this dog is playful, athletic and that it has warm amber eyes. That picture in your head is a dog I’m sure to be drawn to. What can I say? I don’t know why this type is so appealing to me, but again and again dogs like this pull me in, even though I love all sorts of dogs. It’s not unusual for people to be drawn to a certain look, type of behavior or a combination of both, in a way that goes beyond just favoring a particular breed.

I used to work with a trainer who couldn’t resist a foxy dog. Pomeranians, American Eskimos, Finnish Spitzes, Keeshounds and Shiba Inus were among her favorites. A furry-faced dog with prick ears, a pointy muzzle and a thick coat got to her every time.

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