The Dog Show Art Exhibit

A Milwaukee Exhibition Showcases the Midwest’s Imagination
© Fred Stonehouse /
© Chris Berti /
© Mark Chatterley /
© Mark Mulhern /
© Mary Jones /
© Robert Cocke /
© Robin Whiteman
© Aris Georgiades
© Ron Issacs

An exhibition simply titled “The Dog Show” is a rare example of the wide diversity of contemporary art and the unique approaches to subject and craft on view. The show is presented by the Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee, WI, the longtime purveyor of contemporary art of the Midwest. The exhibition (viewable online) features painting, drawing, photography and sculpture celebrating the representation of dogs in present-day art. The guest curator, painter Fred Stonehouse, was interested in the variety of ways that artists push beyond the pedestrian conceptions of a “pet portrait” into a terrain where images of dogs become thoroughly enmeshed with a creative vision or studio practice.


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