Dog Body Language: What Is Your Dog Really Saying?

dog postures - signs of aggressive dog body language
Dogs talk to us all the time, but too often, we don’t have a clue what they’re trying to tell us. In this article, you’ll learn how to correctly interpret what they’re saying via body language and avoid any awkward misunderstandings.

“Cooper is aggressively attacking our cat!” Pete told me over the phone.

I didn’t answer right away. Cooper? Aggressive? It didn’t make sense. Pete had recently adopted Cooper from a rescue where the little Dachshund mix had been living happily in a foster home with another dog and two cats.

I asked Pete to describe Cooper’s behavior, rather than label it with words like “aggressive.”

“He was barking a lot,” Pete replied, “and it was very loud.”

Did Cooper lunge at the cat ? Snap at him?

No. He’d just barked.

And no wonder. Cooper had only seen the cat twice during the week he’d been living in Pete’s home. He was excited, surprised and unsure so, naturally, he barked.

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