Dogs Used in Toxicity Testing

If passed, the PET Act will make some of those tests illegal in California.
Prevent Extraneous Testing (PET) Act, a.k.a. SB 252 California

It is disturbing to learn that in’s home state of California, approximately 600 dogs—most of them purpose-bred Beagles—are maintained in 10 facilities to serve as subjects for toxicity testing. The Prevent Extraneous Testing (PET) Act, a.k.a. SB 252, a bill now making its way through the California State Legislature, could change that.

In a toxicity test, an animal is exposed a chemical in order to determine if humans could be harmed by that chemical. These tests, which vary in duration, can be excruciatingly painful. Among the toxic effects the animals may suffer: vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, respiratory distress, appetite or weight loss, rashes, salivation, paralysis, lethargy, bleeding, organ abnormalities, tumors, and even death.

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