What Does a Wild Wolf Do All Day?

Thanks to a bit of tech and some intrepid researchers, we now have a better idea.
wolf gps

If a wolf runs through the forest but no one hears him, does he make a sound? Well, yes, he does. Thanks to technology and a clever little collar cam, we can now hear and see what a wild northwestern Minnesota wolf does with his day.

A researcher with the Voyageurs Wolf Project attached the collar-mounted device while the wolf was sedated. Thereafter, it recorded 30 seconds of video at the beginning of every daylight hour. This gave the scientists a brief—and, thanks to the wolf’s abundant mane, fur-framed —window into his life. The footage is thought to be the first of its kind. The lone wolf (#V089) displays a knack for fishing. According to VWP, “He can be seen eating three different fish, which were all killed and consumed at the same spot along the Ash River.”

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