On Trend: Barkuterie–Charcuterie Boards for Dogs

How to indulge your canine fancy-snacker and have some fun as well.
Barkuterie fixings can include: cheese, berries, fruit, a one-egg omelet, carrots, celery with peanut butter; sourdough treats—wheat/rye/spelt croutons, oat flour/pumpkin mini-pancakes (with a dab of Greek yogurt), oat/liver biscuits; plus strands of soba noodles. All yummy and nutritious.

Charcuterie boards are high on many human foodies’ list. A selection of artfully presented cold cooked meats and an array of cheeses, olives, nuts and other tasty edibles, they’re one of the darlings of pandemic eating and the subject of many a social media post.

So, we’re not surprised to learn that a version for dogs is also trending on Instagram, Pinterest and similar venues. As a recent article in the New York Times Style section pointed out, these “barkuterie” boards—bright with colorful, dog-safe fruits and vegetables, artisanal dog biscuits, homemade jerky and other tasty canine snacks—give us a new way to indulge our dogs during a time when uncomplicated joy is sometimes hard to come by.

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